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Introduction to Programming

Basic coding for kids with Scratch blocks-based graphical coding







Curriculum Lesson Plan

Section 1 - Getting Started

Students will be introduced to coding and its elements with a Scratch blocks-based graphical coding software – Mblock 5– and interesting hands-on coding activities.

1.1 - Introduction to Programming

What is a program? What are the different stages of writing a program? Introduction to PictoBlox software and its interface.

1.2 - Backdrop, Costume, and Animations

What is a backdrop and a costume in Mblock 5 ? How to add them to a project to make cool animations?

1.3 - Drawing Shapes in Mblock 5

How to draw lines in PictoBlox using the Pen extension? How to use the repeat block to make the script easy to debug?

Curriculum Lesson Plan

Section 2 - Basic Coding Concepts

Students will be introduced to basic coding concepts such as variables, arithmetic operators, logical operators, and conditional statements.

2.1 - Variables in Mblock 5

What is a variable and its purpose in a program? How to create a variable and manipulate its value in Mblock5 ?

2.2 - Arithmatic Operators

What is the operator? What are the different kinds of operators in Mblock5? What are the arithmetic operators?

2.3 - Conditional Statements in Mblock5

How do the various conditional statements in Mblock5 - if, if-else, repeat, forever - function?