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Dès votre inscription, vous recevrez un appel de votre conseiller qui vous permettra de déterminer l'horaire qui vous convient le mieux. Votre kit/outils logiciels nécessaires seront fournis dans les 24 heures.
Kits are well tested and come with a 100% replacement guarantee.
You can enroll for a free demo class to understand how it will help your kid. Pay only when you are confident and if you like our unique methodology!

The courses are designed to help students without any prior experience. Moreover, the experts will vary the speed and method to adapt to the specific needs of your kid. Since it is 1:1 classes, this will be very efficient.

Your kid has a chance to create the next big technology.
If you can help your kid develop the right curiosity and confidence at a young age, that will play a big role in defining your kid’s career trajectory.
Thats exactly what these courses do.
They help your kid understand how technology is taking over the world and how to solve problems using it. More importantly, the classes will make your kid ‘enjoy’ technology and build confidence to dream big.