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Course Overview

Electronics for Kids – Level 1 is a part of the specially-designed middle school STEM curriculum curated by curriculum experts for teaching the basics of electronics to kids through activities such as glowing an LED, making a DIY turntable, control DC and servo motors, using touch sensors to classify objects and conductors and insulators, etc.

With its clear explanations and an assortment of exciting activities for kids, Electronics for Kids – Level 1 will have students building their own DIY electronics projects in no time.

Learning Outcomes

After completing Electronics for Kids – Level 1, students will have a basic understanding of electronics, circuit design, actuators and sensors with the help of a wide variety of STEM activities.

Apart from the aforementioned learning outcomes, this STEM curriculum will also help them develop skills such as problem-solving and debugging techniques, DIY-ing, teamwork, and creativity.

Course Content


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  • Course level Beginner
  • Course Duration 10 week
  • Lessions 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Pass parcentages 80
  • Certificate Yes
  • Language Arabic

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